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Easter is the most glorious religious celebration for the Greeks; it is eagerly anticipated and celebrated with fervor in every corner of the country! Easter – or Páscha as it is called in Greek, also signifies the beginning of the summer, making it all the more joyous and exciting! Let’s take a look at all you need to know about Easter in Mykonos!

This year, Easter is celebrated on April 16th, but the entire week preceding it is filled with colorful traditions; on Saturday of Lazarus the local bakeries prepare a fragrant, dairy-free cookie in the shape of a man in shrouds called Lazaraki, and on the following day the churches around the island are decorated in palm leaves, to celebrate Palm Sunday. Throughout the Holy Week there are several religious events, but the most impressive one is the funerary procession of Christ on Holy Friday; the congregation of each church walks on a symbolic bier chanting hymns and holding wildflowers, in mourning for the death of Jesus.

Then, on Holy Saturday, on the turn of midnight is when the true Easter celebration begins! Fireworks blasting in the sky and church bells ringing in joy proclaim the passing of Easter; people exchanging embraces, cracking red-dyed eggs and carrying candles of the Holy Light back home; there, a feast of magiritsa soup awaits. For many, Holy Saturday nights are a cause to party, and Mykonos is just the right place for exuberant parties that last till the first light of day! But on Easter Sunday, the party goes on all day! Music and dancing and lots of food are at the basis of the Easter celebrations. Spit roast lamb, delicious salads and all sorts of drinks and treats are set at every Easter table; people are partying and welcoming every passer-by! The spirits are truly high on Easter in Mykonos!

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